How it Works

Ask an open question


What are our best opportunities in the next 6 months?
How can we improve our website?
What questions do you have for our speaker?

Get lots of answers

Everyone in your group or organisation can submit an answer or take an existing answer and try to improve it with modifications. Soon you'll have a large population of answers to choose from.

Answers compete for survival

Pairs of answers are shown to different people and each time they are asked to pick the one they prefer. Statistical analysis of all these head to head comparisons identifies the best answers and they are selected to survive into the next generation.

Repeat for a few generations

This process is repeated. Over several generations of answers you'll see them being modified, merging together and splitting apart as your participants' creativity is engaged and consensus is reached.

Get the results

When you're finished you'll get a report showing the surviving answers. These are the ones your participants have co-created so they'll have a strong sense of having been part of the process and will buy in to the results.

Effective Brainstorming at scale

Your whole organisation can participate in a Codigital powered brainstorming session. Anyone can submit a new idea or try to improve an old one. Vote driven competition between ideas ensures that the best ones survive to the next generation. Before long you'll have a set of innovative, well developed ideas.

Engage a whole conference audience

Using Codigital is inherently social and is a great way to engage a whole audience at a conference or other large meeting. Ask questions that are directly relevant to the conference or the issues attendees care about then let them work together to towards great answers.

Showing real-time progress using an on-stage screen is a great way to highlight activity and make people feel involved.